TSI Scotland Ltd

TSI Scotland are energy and environmental specialists assisting organisations throughout Scotland. We have helped the companies we work with to operate economically, while staying within the law.
Our role within most projects is as trusted, knowledgeable experts. We will give advice, provide technical solutions and, where required, will liaise with the regulators on our  customer’s behalf.

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Energy Auditing

Take control of your energy consumption.  We give organisations the expertise they need to reduce their energy bills. The first step is normally to audit the operation and report opportunities to reduce consumption.

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Energy logging

To understand where energy is used around a building or factory we can fit temporary loggers which provide a profile of electricity use.  We can also fit loggers to track temperatures of pipes, tanks and ductwork to get an accurate understanding of how the systems are operating.

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Air Quality Management

We work with a company who have specialist staff trained in the use of SEPA-approved ADMS 5, a plume-dispersion model which offers detailed Air Quality Assessment for Operators, Local Authorities etc.

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Environmental Compliance

Many companies need environmental operating permits and we handle new licence applications as well as variations and renewals.

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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

Though the RHI has now closed to new non-domestic entrants, TSI Scotland will be well-placed to meet the on-going need for specialists with metering knowledge to report on future variations to existing RHI accreditations and to liaise with Ofgem on submitting meter data for RHI payment over the next twenty years.

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Energy Saving (ESOS),  Carbon Reporting (SECR)

TSI Scotland is accredited with CIBSE to manage Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) projects and Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR) audits.  These are a formal requirement for large companies.

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