About us

We have built careers around achievements in energy management, environmental compliance and resource optimisation.


In 2002 TSI was created from the opportunity presented by the new environmental legislation which required large businesses in certain sectors to have environmental permits. The directors of the company had significant experience in this area and in liaising with SEPA, the environmental regulator.
During the subsequent six years of the rolling programme many hundreds of companies acquired environmental permits, TSI Scotland were responsible for dozens of applications for them.
Following this period the company increased its range of capabilities to include energy auditing and advice to customers on how to cut consumption. This is still the company’s main business and we advise a wide range of customers around Scotland.

Who our customers are

Our customers are in public and private sectors, including education, food and drink, chemicals, oil and gas, waste management, hospitality and health care. We bring a wealth of experience at a time when all of the above skills are in strong demand.

Our customers have told us that they work with us for the following reasons:

  • Expert knowledge and experience
  • Attention to detail combined with lateral thinking
  • Flexibility to accommodate operational issues
  • Relationships with regulator and clients
  • Access to a network of specialists