We give organisations the expertise they need to reduce their energy bills. The first step is normally to audit the operation and report opportunities to reduce consumption. We also develop and deliver staff awareness training.

 Energy audits identify potential savings

Driven by both the high cost of fuel and concerns over the environmental impact of consuming fossil fuels, many organisations have requested and benefited from audits of their operations by TSI Scotland. We have identified annual savings for our customers of over £5.5m resulting in the potential to reduce carbon emissions by over 30,000 tonnes.

Carbon Footprinting

An organisation usually has an environmental impact which stretches beyond its buildings or factories. We can help you identify your carbon footprint and recommend measures to reduce it.  You will benefit by reducing your costs, reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and improving your credibility with your customers.  Carbon footprinting is often requested when a customer is responding to an invitation to tender.

 Staff Energy-Awareness Training

Usually, it is your staff, not you, who start and stop boilers, compressors, lights and other energy users which cost you money and generate the CO2 emissions. We can train your staff in techniques and operating methods to increase awareness and reduce energy. This provides you and your staff with long-term benefits if these techniques become routine, particularly important as the cost of energy is likely to carry on rising.

Design and specification of plant to reduce energy

We have years of experience of thinking through and specifying plant for customers who are looking to reduce their energy use. This means you can reduce your costs and your environmental impact at a time when pressure is increasing to meet more demanding emissions limits.