Energy logging

We can log both electricity and heat. The logging exercise can last for a week or up to a month. By using non-intrusive equipment we can log your energy without disruption to the supply. The output gives a detailed profile of your energy consumption in a form which can be analysed on spreadsheets. This will show energy consumption which you may not be aware of and will not be obvious in your energy bill.

    • Electricity: We use clamp on loggers which fit round the electrical cables in your distribution board without disconnecting anything.
    • Heat: We use button loggers, these are no bigger than a calculator battery and they are placed on the outside of pipes and tanks under the insulation.

We can usually identify savings of 20% or more. Most of this can be realised by changing operating methods without capital expenditure.

Remote Monitoring

TSI Scotland offer a remote monitoring system which keeps an eye on plant parameters 24 hours a day. The output is transmitted via GPRS to the TSI offices where it can be analysed for warning signs. This often allows action to be taken before a breakdown occurs. It can also be used to monitor heat meters for customers who need to make regular returns to Ofgem for RHI payment claims.


Staff Energy-Awareness Training

Usually, it is your staff, not you, who start and stop the boilers, compressors, lights and other energy users which cost you money and generate the CO2 emissions.  We can train your staff in techniques and operating methods to increase awareness and reduce energy.  This provides you and your staff with long-term benefits if these techniques become routine.

Design and specification of plant to reduce energy use

We have years of experience of thinking through and designing plant for customers who are looking to reduce their energy use.  This means you can reduce your costs and your environmental impact at a time when pressure is increasing to meet more demanding emissions limits.

We assist businesses throughout Scotland with their energy saving. Please contact us for further information or to book an energy awareness training course

Our expertise in energy efficiency covers:

  • Remote energy monitoring
  • Energy saving
  • ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunities Scheme)
  • Carbon emissions reduction
  • Alternative energy sources
  • Staff awareness training

We will make recommendations which are costed, timebound and prioritised to enable you to make financial savings.