Accredited to issue non-domestic EPCs

Improving energy performance of buildings is now an established part of living with high and increasing energy costs. Energy Performance Certificates are required for most public buildings and for commercial buildings when they change their ownership/rental status. We are able to assess these buildings and issue EPCs for them. An added benefit for you is the series of recommendations which accompany each certificate to help you reduce your energy consumption.

Design specification to improve EPC ratings

Building owners are keen to improve their EPC rating. This usually involves changes to building fabric and modifications to installed energy plant. We are able to specify these improvements, giving you the opportunity to invite tenders from contractors. An added benefit for commercial building owners is the improved prospect of selling or leasing a building with low energy consumption.

Advice on how to reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint

An organisation usually has an environmental impact which stretches beyond its buildings or factories. We can help you identify your carbon footprint and recommend measures to reduce it. You will benefit by reducing your costs, reducing your dependence on increasingly expensive fossil fuels and improving your credibility with your customers.

Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE)

Colin Porteous, Director of TSI Scotland is a corporate member and through the institution is nominated as a Low-carbon Energy Assessor. This accredits TSI to produce EPCs for non-domestic buildings. With recent changes to the legislation, EPCs in Scotland now require to be lodged with Scottish Building Standards and TSI Scotland include this service. We provide a comprehensive service to customers and we always visit any building being assessed. This is important as it often uncovers features of the building which can improve the EPC-rating for the customer.
Please contact us by email or telephone: 0141 956 4546 for further information regarding Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) in Scotland.

TSI Scotland: Improve your Energy Performance – working with businesses throughout Scotland, helping you to become more environmentally friendly by improving Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings.

TSI Scotland produces Energy Performance Certificates which are evaluated and awarded in accordance with legislation.