Environmental Permits

Depending on the size and sector where your business operates, you may need an environmental permit to continue operating legally. We can manage the permit application procedure for you.  This can be a complex process.  Below are some of the key stages of the process.

PPC Applications (Pollution Prevention and Control)

We compile environmental permit applications for submission to the regulator (SEPA or EA). This allows you to continue operating legally. During the application process, we will liaise with the regulator. It is an involved procedure and passing the responsibility to us ensures timely submissions and avoids the need for the operator to be tied down over an extended period.

Permit Management

Once issued, a permit usually has a formal requirement for regular updating of the management plans it contains.  This will either be every two years or sometimes four years.

License exemptions

If the output from your process is below a given threshold or it only involves certain materials, we can apply for an exemption from the PPC process for you. Holding exemptions allows you to carry on with the activity and remain in compliance.

Environmental Management System (EMS)

An EMS is now an essential part of many companies’ procedures and is often required by prospective customers when submitting a bid to them. We can compile a system for you either to ISO 14001 (generally for larger organisations) or something less comprehensive to meet the needs of the majority of companies. You will benefit by having demonstrable procedures which increases your company’s credibility and your chances of success when bidding.